Sorry CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage

Justin Trudeau

I see, on social media, HUGE amounts of scorn being heaped on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals for having a cabinet meeting at a resort in Alberta.

I’m apologize, especially to leaders of the CPC, but I cannot fake enough outrage to join in.

First: of course, we (you) did it too. It, holding cabinet retreats out in the “provinces” has become popular since, oh about Brian Mulroney’s days. It’s a good way to do a little partisan politicking on the taxpayer’s dime.

Second: there actually are a few good reasons for escaping “official Ottawa” every now and again and focusing on an agenda that might, as this one did, feature some private meetings with local politicians.

So I hope all Conservatives and conservatives will forgive me for not joining in, but I’m afraid that I simply cannot work up enough fake outrage, not when there are some really serious issues to discuss.

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