A further throught (#9, 10, 12?) on the Defence Review

I see that the government’s “information” machine is trying to set the tenor for the forthcoming defence review …


… now, that’s an important message. Our people are, indeed, our most valuable resource and I have already suggested that we might want to take a ‘people centred’ look at national defence, telling our government that we want sailors, soldiers and air force personnel who are:

  • Tough
  • Superbly disciplined;
  • Well trained; and
  • Adequately equipped.

But I also said that they had to be well led and properly organized, too, and the entire list (six points) actually covered some of the capabilities I listed way back in December.

So, it will be good to remember that people come first, but the people need the right tools and they need leadership, including clear-eyed, strategic/political leadership, and they need to be properly organized, managed and supported, too … and that all costs money.

More to follow …

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