Congratulations, Manitoba

Congratulations to the voters of Manitoba for electing a PC Government yesterday:

The Globe and Mail reports thatManitobans gave Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister one of the province’s most resounding victories in decades … [and] The Tories won a commanding victory on Tuesday, taking seats in areas where the party hasn’t been close to victory in decades. The PC’s also won more than half of the popular vote.

Brad-WallPremier designate Pallister joins Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan as a strong conservative voice to counter the “tax and spend” Liberalism that, Patrick_Brownfor the moment, infects neighbouring Ontario and Ottawa. I confidently expect Patrick Brown to revitalize the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario and lead them to victory in 2018 and I also expect that a new Conservative Party of Canada leader will turn Justin Trudeau our of office in 2019.

Why did Premier Selinger lose so badly and why do I think Premier Wynne will lose Ontario, too? The Globe and Mail, again: “The size of Mr. Selinger’s defeat comes partly from the NDP’s move to the left of the political spectrum under his premiership … former NDP premier Gary Doer kept the party tied to the centre for his decade in power, from 1999 to 2009. He reduced income taxes and posted a string of balanced budgets – turning in a surplus every year but one. While Mr. Doer was constrained, Mr. Selinger has instead embraced bigger deficits, sidestepping balanced-budget rules once considered sacrosanct … [and] after nearly 17 years in power, the party was carrying too much baggage.” Canadians like deficits and give-aways, for a while, but not for too long. Responsible, fiscal conservatism will always be called back into office to clean up after the lefties.

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