Killing is the only answer (2)

A month ago I talked about this story: two Canadians have been kidnapped by the radical Islamist Abu Sayyaf terrorist group and are being held hostage in the jungles of the Philippines. A new video has emerged, apparently, and this time there is a date:

We’re told this is the absolute final warning, the final urgent appeal to governments — Philippine, Canadian — and families,” Ridsdel is quoted as saying by The Star. “If 300 million (Philippine pesos, or $8.3 million) is not paid for me by 3 p.m. on April 25th, they will behead me.” The camera then shifts to Hall, who repeats the warning, adding: “My specific appeal is to the Canadian government, who I know has the capacity to get us out of here. I’m wondering what they’re waiting for.

Stephane Dion Justin Trudeau

I am pretty sure that some very smart people are telling the government, specifically Foreign Minister Dion and Prime Minister Trudeau to not pay: paying does not guarantee release and, worse, it just emboldens the terrorists and encourages more kidnappings. I happen to agree with that advice, in principle, but Messers Hall and Risdel are not my friends or colleagues and I am pretty sure that their friends and families are putting immense pressure on the government to “do something.”

In my view the correct “something” is to send these fellows to the Philippines …

… to work with their confrères in the Philippines armed forces to hunt down and kill many, many, manyAbu Sayyaf terrorists, quietly and without any fanfare: no talk, no press releases, just large scale killing to “communicate” to terrorists that kidnapping Canadians is not a good idea … but the Laurentian Elites would not approve.


9184449Of course we have this for a government so, maybe not. Maybe they will pay, and encourage more kidnapping; or maybe they will just dither and hope for the best … governing is much harder than campaigning  ever was.

6 thoughts on “Killing is the only answer (2)”

    1. Perhaps, but … they were kidnapped on 19 Sep 15, when the election campaign was on and the previous government was in caretaker mode. I think it would be unlikely that the previous government would have initiated any official action that would, in some way, commit the next government to any course of action … one hopes some intelligence was gathered with the Philippines authorities, but I would be surprised if it went farther than that. This is Justin Trudeau’s ball with which to score a touchdown or fumble away.

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