Bluer than blue?

A couple of weeks ago I suggested that things were looking blue for Canada … I meant that I hoped the tide was starting to turn, and that Brad Wall would be reelected in Saskatchewan, and that Brian Pallister would lead the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives to victory …

wall … Brad Wall did win, suggesting, as CBC News said, that his victory “cements his place at the centre” of the Conservative/conservative movement in Canada. (But Premier Wall has ruled himself out of contention as CPC leader and he is not bilingual which, really, disqualifies him, anyway)

Now the Winnipeg Sun is predicting that Brian Pallister and “Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives are looking at a landslide victory Tuesday and the incumbent NDP could be facing its worst electoral defeat since the late 1980s, a new Mainstreet/Postmedia poll shows … [because] … the Tories now have 57% support among decided voters.


Next up are Ontario, which is in desperate need of a new, clean, competent Conservative government, and Canada …

… because both Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau will need replacing before long.

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