Is it just me?

Is it just me or is the “gloss” wearing off the Trudeau-Liberal government?

First: the Conservatives were derided for arguing that the Trudeau Campaign had fudged the deficit numbers …


… but derision turned to worry when it turned out to be true.


Since then, several media outlets have blasted Finance Minister Bill Morneau for “cooking the books” to justify deficit spending which is, pretty clearly, unnecessary after all.

And, now, the Saudi Arms deal, which caused the Liberals two twist in their own philosophical wind is getting murkier and murkier and the Liberals are seen to have been trying to have their political cake and eat it too by hiding the fact they they have been quietly approving arms sales to the Kingdom:


Are Canadians, I wonder, starting to see that the 40% of of the 70% of them who bothered to vote (that’s 28% of the electorate, overall) who voted Liberal did so mainly because they were tired of Stephen Harper and fiscal responsibility and they really wanted, as a former Liberal operative said during a TV panel discussion, free “beer and popcorn.” Sound fiscal management is boring, and many Canadians, most Canadians in my guesstimation, who are, generally, in the political centre can be persuaded to shift away from economic responsibility with the promises of shiny new “free” things … sad, but true, I think.

That ~ promising “free” this and that for almost everyone ~ is how the Liberals campaigned and it’s how they appear, for now, to plan to govern.

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