bill-morneau-02I have been hammering Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s budget pretty hard of late, relying upon others to do the data mining for me. Now I see two more reports:

A second negative report from Neil Macdonald of CBC News (which is not exactly a hotbed of pro Conservative sentiment); and

A report in the Globe and Mail authored by C. Scott Clark, a former Deputy Minister of Finance in Ottawa, and Peter DeVries, a former federal director of fiscal policy.

Messers Clark and DeVries say that “this budget remains in the news not because it failed to deliver on political promises, but because it failed the government’s election commitment to create “a planning framework that is realistic, sustainable, prudent and transparent.” Its greatest failure was lack of transparency.

I read “lack of transparency” as bureaucratic code for dishonesty, and Neil Macdonald says that “part of the foundation upon which rests some much more important numbers” needs to be taken with bags of salt, not just a grain, in other words, the budget is partisan political flim-flam.

A consensus seems to be building: Bill Morneau misled Canadians in an effort to hide the (emerging) fact that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plans will, most likely,  inflict real, serious, long term economic damage on Canada.

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