Buttons and bows, again: the Vimy Star

A week ago I complained, again, about the Canadian Army’s fixation with “buttons and bows.”

I mentioned that I did not know what a “Vimy Star” even looked like …

Well, a friend on Army.ca has come to the rescue.

This is the Vimy Star as a “pip” for a Canadian Army officer:


… it looks almost identical to the old star but a maple leaf and the Latin phrase “Vigilamus pro Te” (We stand on guard for thee) replaces the symbol and motto of the Order of the Bath.

This new thingy will be introduced in April 2017, doubtless with much celebration … but the Army is still likely to be short of boots and trucks and, and, and …

3 thoughts on “Buttons and bows, again: the Vimy Star”

  1. If it is to be equivalent to the star from the Order of Bath, then in a Canadian context the pip should be the snow flake shape from the Order of Canada. Officers, in a “British” tradition wear symbols of the crown, and the highest order that can be bestowed by the country. The Vimy star does not fit into this idea.

  2. The Officers at Vimy Ridge wouldn’t even recognize this new pip, nor those from WW2, Korea etc. More changing of our national heritage and our allegience to the Crown.

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