Good advice from a young friend

When I get annoyed with the fiscal, political and military nonsense that emanates from cambais-falls-alegria-3-3our national capital ~ and where, for many years I was “part of the problem,” too ~ I go and look at a young friend’s blog where she, very wisely, says that a “storm will always pass in our lives instead of complaining I must live with it and deal with it. I don’t just wait for the sun to come out I must find a moment in every storm.

So, if you’re feeling “down” or annoyed or just need a change or a bit of inspiration to help you “see the bright side,” go visit my young “friend*” The Wanderlust Keeper (AKA Chasing Potatoes) for some wonderful pictures and some good thoughts, too. You will not regret it.


* The internet is funny that way; I don’t know anything about “Chasing Potatoes,” not even her name ~ I’m pretty sure she’s a young woman ~ but I feel I “know” her from her pictures and thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Good advice from a young friend

  1. I am happy Mr Campbell has known a young lady friend again. I’m sure more inspirations will be coming.

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