Propaganda (including government information)

My friend, The Regimental Rogue, offers a very and important insight from General Douglas MacArthur: We, politicians, officials, admirals and generals and citizens, alike, need to grasp this quite fundamental point. Wars may still be won (and lost) at sea, in the field and in the air, even, arguably, on the factory floor, but they can…… Continue reading Propaganda (including government information)

Important exports

Yesterday I wrote that Canada should be “promoting and protecting real (not illusionary, illiberal) democracy in the world.” Now, right on time, Transparency International, a pretty highly regarded organization, publishes its Transparency Perceptions Index for 2015 (in which Canada ranks 9th, behind Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore, but ahead of Germany (10), Australia (13) and…… Continue reading Important exports

Upping the ante

The Defence News website reports that “The U.S. Navy has dispatched a small armada to the South China Sea.” I have complained, in the past, that China is getting a “free ride,” at the expense of e.g. The Philippines and Vietnam, in the South China Seas. I have, also, suggested that Canada should, inter alia, join the…… Continue reading Upping the ante

A Grand Strategy for Canada (3)

I have addressed a grand strategy more than once, and  specifically one for Canada twice now. But the question is: why? Why bother? Surely we are just a small country, one with no enemies, one that just muddle through … aren’t we? Prime Minister Paul Martin had it about right, back in 2005, when, in…… Continue reading A Grand Strategy for Canada (3)

Achtung Minen!

The Toronto Star says that Democracy Watch, a generally somewhat left-liberal and anti-corporation advocacy group, says that “Justin Trudeau should be barred from any role in deciding the fate of terror suspect Mohamed Harkat because the prime minister’s brother is lobbying the government on the issue … [and] … Trudeau should publicly recuse himself from involvement…… Continue reading Achtung Minen!

The American (and Canadian) Nightmare

Noted American entrepreneur, executive and philanthropist Kenneth Langore, is a significant voice in the “Stop Trump, but No! to Hillary Clinton” movement (he just recently moved his (considerable) support from Governor Christie to Ohio Governor John Kasich) and he has, in an interview with CNBC, correctly, in my opinion, analyzed the source, the “root causes”…… Continue reading The American (and Canadian) Nightmare


Professor Michael Bliss, a distinguished Canadian historian, has written a slightly provocative piece in the Globe and Mail about why we, Canada, at least, should get out of the Middle East entirely. I have considerable sympathy for his position, if not for the reasons he cites for taking it. I, personally, don’t care if we…… Continue reading Neo-isolationism

Another step by China; what should Canada do?

A report in today’s Philippine Star, (independently?) verified by Reuters says that China has “taken” yet another atoll: this time the Quirino Atoll, also known as Jackson Atoll in the Spratly Islands group. The Spratlys are described as a “resource-rich region and critical shipping lane linking North Asia to Europe, South Asia and the Middle East,” and I…… Continue reading Another step by China; what should Canada do?