Good news

There is some good news for both the Conservative Party and for Rona Ambrose, the interim leader, in the data presented by pollster Nick Nanos in a video in the Globe and Mail: First ~ the CPC appears to have regained the confidence of its base in the Prairies. It now leads the Liberals inContinue reading “Good news”

Values and Vital Interests

As I fumed over the recent budget and its very real potential (I think certainty) to do real harm to Canada’s strategic position in the world by depriving us of the fiscal “room” to respond, even moderately, to a crisis that threatens our vital interests before the crisis requires a major response ~ the sortContinue reading “Values and Vital Interests”

Right and Wrong and a need for change

I’m almost finished talking about the fiscal irresponsibility of the Justin Trudeau regime … I promise, but two things caught my eye: A column in the Globe and Mail by Jeffrey Simpson, who is not an opponent of the Liberals or the Laurentian Consensus, who says – ” … two decisions – reducing the ageContinue reading “Right and Wrong and a need for change”

To govern is to choose

“To govern is to choose” is an old political maxim and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has chosen, much as his father did in 1969/70, to promote the socio-ideological views of the leader (which do provide some relatively narrow benefit for a limited constituency) over the broad, strategic national good. Choices have consequences … For over 20Continue reading “To govern is to choose”

More on the budget

Some links from other commentators about the budget: From an editorial in the Globe and Mail: Wait, wasn’t th‎is supposed to be about infrastructure? The Globe‘s editorial writers notes, correctly, that transfers to individuals and to provinces (Equalization) ~ will rise by $35 Billion and “none of this is one-off spending. It’s designed to rise yearContinue reading “More on the budget”

Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Europe (2)

Well known British journalist, author and historian Sir Max Hastings has written a somewhat provocative, piece in the Daily Mail, based he says, on discussions with an America  friend who is “one of the smartest strategy wonks” that he, Hastings, knows. The premise is that the ongoing mass migrations of Africans and people from theContinue reading “Everyman’s Strategic Survey: Europe (2)”

The budget is coming (2)

In his column in today’s Toronto Sun, David Akin sets out three priorities he hopes (forlornly, I guess) that the Trudeau government would set for themselves: “drinking water and housing on First Nations communities; national defence; and a short-term temporary rebate to help low-income Canadians cope with rapidly rising food prices.” I agree, broadly, withContinue reading “The budget is coming (2)”

Lessons from down under

There is a very interesting article on The Embassy website by David Perry, the Senior Analyst of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, and Tom Ring, a Senior Fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and a former Assistant Deputy Minister, Acquisitions Branch, at PWGSC, about how looking at the recent AustralianContinue reading “Lessons from down under”

The budget is coming, the budget is coming …

I have a treat deal of respect for Finance Minister Bill Morneau; he’s a very intelligent, very smart and very accomplished fellow. I’m pretty sure he is one of those smart people who really believes what several highly regarded economists say: that some, well focused infrastructure spending can and should be financed by long termContinue reading “The budget is coming, the budget is coming …”