Conservative Leadership

In a post on social media, David Akin cites an ABACUS Data poll of 1,500 Canadians who self identify as Conservative and shows:


It seems to me that:

  • Messers MacKay and Kenney represent the hopes of the left and (social) right wings of the party, respectively;
  • M. Bernier represents the hopes of the fiscal right wing;
  • Mr O’Leary is “desired” for his celebrity status, not as a potential leader;
  • Mr Chong, Ms Raitt and Dr Leitch represent the hopes of those who want “change” ~ undefined though their hopes may be;
  • Mr Clement is the candidate of those who want to see a return of Mike Harris’ policies from the 1990s; and
  • Ms Ambrose and Ms Rempel need to be on that list, somewhere.

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