Good news

imagesambrose_0There is some good news for both the Conservative Party and for Rona Ambrose, the interim leader, in the data presented by pollster Nick Nanos in a video in the Globe and Mail:

First ~ the CPC appears to have regained the confidence of its base in the Prairies. It now leads the Liberals in the Prairies which is where the party must start to rebuild; and

Screenshot 2016-03-25 08.02.48

Second ~ Rona Ambrose, while still not well enough known to Canadians, is also “trending” up. Only 35% of Canadians think she is ready to be prime minister but another 31% (that makes 2 out of 3 Canadians in all) is “unsure,” in other words they are willing and able to ‘see” her as our prime minister.

That means that the Conservatives need to keep sending Canadians a message that resonates with all Canadians, in cities, like Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg, in towns like Canmore, North Battleford and Brandon, and in villages and rural areas, too. That’s a message of social moderation, fiscal responsibility and principled policies in every area.

Conservatives also need to run an open and exciting leadership race, which should include Ms Ambrose.

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