The nativists strike back

Germany Philippines

A few months ago I commented on remarks by Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel in which, while attempting to mollify the many, many Germans who had already expressed doubts about her immigration policy, she expressed the notion that multiculturalism is a lie.

It appears that the Germans weren’t mollified.

Today we learn, from the Mail Online that, in crucial state elections:

German voters turned to the far right in droves yesterday in a damning verdict on Angela Merkel’s open door border policy.

In regional elections she was humiliated by the anti-immigrant AfD – Alternative for Germany – party.

Formed just three years ago, it has surged in popularity following Mrs Merkel’s decision to roll out the red carpet for more than a million migrants.

Other reports repeat the “humiliating loss” theme and note that:

The real shock of Sunday night’s polling was the scale of AfD’s gains, which easily entered all three legislatures.

1297769151960_ORIGINALMaybe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister John McCallum want to take note of the fact that the views of a few right wing Canadian bloggers are more popular than many people thought.

For the record, I happen to agree with both:

  1. Higher immigration quotas; and
  2. Welcoming immigrants from, “non traditional” sources, especially from Asia.

The thing is that I do both for economic reasons, and, unlike the Liberals, I believe that skilled, employable migrants should be given priority over cousins, in-laws, nieces and nephews and even over grandparents.

I believe and I believe it should be Conservative policy to make China, India and the Philippines the primary sources of over half our new immigrants each year* because they have proven to be reliable sources of just the sorts of sophisticated, self reliant new Canadians we want: people who share our liberal-democratic, capitalist values.

I fear, but there is no really credible statistical evidence to support my fear, that too much immigration from Pakistan, South West Asia, the Middle East and Africa will have two deleterious effects:

  • It will rob those countries of their “best and brightest” thereby hindering their growth and development; and
  • It may pose longer term social and even internal security threats to Canada.

There is a nativist backlash all over North America ~ it’s not just Donald Trump, and in Europe, too. Governments need to take note of what the people think and fear.


* Those three countries only provided 100,000 immigrants in 2013. If we’re going to welcome 300,000 in 2016, as I agree with the new Liberal government that we should, then we will need to get another 50,000 from those three countries.

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