Grand Strategy (again): some more history

kennanThere is an excellent article in Foreign Affairs, from the 1987 edition, about the origins of containment (conceived by American diplomat George Kennan) and the so called Truman Doctrine, which served America, and the whole of the emerging, US led, West for another decade (until 1960 in the USA) and even more in the case of e.g. Canada where it prevailed until late in the 1960s.Harry_S_Truman_-_NARA_-_530677_(2)

It wasn’t flaws in either Kennan’s ideas of in the “Truman Doctrine,” per se, that caused it to fall our of favour, it was something more akin to impatience or boredom with the costs (economic and social) of its implementation and maintenance. John F Kennedy, first, ran on the promise of some undefined hope based “change” (which resulted in America being fully engaged in the Vietnam war as he vastly expanded Eisenhower’s aid mission into full blown combat operations).

Anyway, it’s well worth the read, including for the light it sheds on how we saw the world in 1987, as the USSR was collapsing before our eyes under the unbearable weight of the inherent contradictions of socialism.

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