Killing is the only answer

This story, from CBC News, is both sad and all too familiar: Western, in this case Canadian, hostages being held by barbaric fanatics in some dirty little hellhole, in this case an island in the Philippines, and threatened with a horrible death if some unspecified demands are not met.

The video is still up on various internet sites, but, warning, it’s pretty awful.

Now, first, the Philippines government has been dealing, reasonably effectively, with an ongoing terrorist threat. They could use more help … of this sort …

… which is the sort of military “business” in which the Trudeau government appears, to me, to want to be involved, because that’s what the Laurentian Elites believe an army is for. (But we’re unlikely to hear much about DND and the CF because the MND, Harjit Saggan, and the entire government is hiding its intentions behind the fig leaf of a defence review.) But, there is little doubt, none in my mind, anyway, that the Philippines could use a bit of this sort of help, too …

… it is the responsibility of the Philippines to find and kill the terrorists and, hopefully, rescue the Canadians, but Canada could and should help. As much as I know that it happens and as much as I am sure the families want it to happen, giving in to terrorists’ demands only brings them back for more and more and more. Sadly, in this case, and in too many cases, killing is the only unicornrainbow11297761346668_ORIGINALanswer. There are no unicorns, no sunny ways in the jungles of the the Philippines or in the mud-walled villages of Kurdistan. there are only people who are trying to terrorize and enslave others, those being terrorized and enslaved, and those (few) who want to fight for freedom. A large part of the Canadian left, the part that was, with Pierre Trudeau, animated by hatred of the Nixon-Kissinger realpolitik of the 1970s and fear of the Bush-Cheney-Perle vision of circa 2000 …

… remains resolutely (and blindly) opposed to military action. They want to appease. Their fear and hatred of American political and military leadership is not unfounded, but, for the Canadian Laurentian Elites, both the fear and the hatred were and still are based as much (likely more) on partisan-political considerations as they are on any reasoned analyses of policies and practices.

In my opinion what the prime minister (and his team) and appear to believe, and especially, what Ministers Dion and McCallum are saying, is all exactly wrong …

… Canadian (indeed Western)  “leaders” cannot reason with or appease Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS any more than Neville Chamberlain and Mackenzie-King could reason with murderous megalomaniacs in their day …

… sometimes, too often, killing is the only answer, and sometimes, as in this case in the Philippines, Canada needs to do a share of the killing.


10 thoughts on “Killing is the only answer”

  1. Live by the sword, indeed. I have ZERO inside knowledge, but I’d be surprised of Canada was doing _zero_ on this – good hunting, folks.

    1. I sincerely hope so, Tony, but, like you, I have zero knowledge and, unlike some (too many) other organizations, our SOF are pretty much leak-proof, which is as it should be.

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