How to NOT win the next election

“Sissy Queer Drama Queen Teacher”

That’s what one of my interlocutors screamed at me when I posted this item.

And that, my friends of a Conservative mind, is how we cannot win the next election.

the Toronto Gay Pride Parade with attracts a million people who line the route

Cover-Vanity-Fair-47-2013-Matteo-Renzi_305x380I posted this picture of Prime Minister Trudeau to contrast him with another young, charismatic, indeed sexy G7 prime minister who has also been featured in Vanity Fair, but who seems more intent on pushing his country forward in the world while, in my opinion, Prime Minister Trudeau has inherited his father’s isolationist instincts and, like his father, sees us as a small, weak nation that needs to focus on its own, internal difficulties: picking the lint out of our own navel, if you like. I was, of course, being, intentionally, a bit hyperbolic in choosing that picture … I wanted to “say” that Prime Minister Trudeau is focused almost solely on his domestic agenda, that a large part of that agenda is driven from Queen’s Park where the increasingly unpopular Kathleen Wynne rules, and that part of that agenda is difficult for many with a conservative mind to accept. So, yes, that picture was meant to be a bit of a “hot button.”

The adverse reaction ~ thankfully, for the Conservative Party, only slight ~ confirms, for me, something that Tom Parkin said in the Toronto Sun and about which I commented a few weeks ago: “Conservatives must keep far-right in check.

My definition of the “far right” that needs to be held in check includes the “religious right,” even as I respect (although I do not share) the moral foundation upon which they base many of their positions, and the hard edge of the social-conservative movement that seems to me to be racist, homophobic and misogynistic.

(I like to think that my, socially moderate, conservatism is grounded in both morality ~ the firm belief that we are all equal and have equal potential, and in economics ~ the belief that if we exclude people from the “utility” pile then we are going to get less than optimal “outputs.” I am, as I have said before, a bit of a utilitarian as well as being a social liberal.)

We need to understand, to believe in our political heart-of-hearts, that the people in the middle of the political bell curve …


 … want demand equal rights and opportunities for both their sons and daughters and for their gay sons and daughters, too, and for everyone, regardless of race or religion.

Am I prepared to “write off” the 1% or 2% of Canadians who hold “hard edge” social-conservative views?

That’s a problem for me because I believe in free speech. I believe that people are allowed to hold views that I find odious and I believe that they are allowed, within only a few fairly narrow limits, to express those views, too. But: I do not believe that the Conservative Party of Canada should associate itself, in any way, with those views. The liberals and the Liberals are just waiting for one of our leadership candidates or a member of parliament or a riding association official or a candidate or even a conservative blogger like me to to say something overtly racist, homophobic or misogynistic so that they can pounce on it and tar the whole party with the views of one person.

We have enough trouble winning the support of women, of all ages, of young people and, especially of the urban and gay communities, and then we lost some (too much) support from the hard working suburbanites in 2015. We have to stop insulting people ~ including Justin Trudeau ~ and we have to find ways to invite them into our “big tent,” or we can invite ourselves to eternal political oblivion.

We need Conservative leaders who want to win elections based on our policies and positions on issues, not just because voters, again, got tired of the Librano$.

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