Kevin O’Leary screws the pooch

Screw the pooch,” as Ben Zimmer explains in the Lex-i-con Valley blog means “blundering” and I think potential Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary just “screwed the pooch,” and he’s done so royally.

He gave a radio interview on CFRA and you can read about it and hear his remarks at about the 6’10” point.

The crux of what he said is:

I don’t want to bomb or get involved in any campaigns as a Canadian other than keeping the peace. We are the only country along with the Fins (Finland) that can do that, and we are wasting our equity … I actually believe the last person or the last nationality ISIS wants to put a bullet through is a Canadian. I really believe that. The only country that has the moral authority in the history of the Middle East to actually act as a peacekeeper is a Canadian soldier.

That’s arrant nonsense!

I want every other Conservative leadership candidate, indeed every other Conservative with a voice, to get out there and shout that “Kevin O’Leary is a bloody fool!” because that’s what his remarks say he must be, it’s the only thing those remarks say he can be.

Has he never heard of a “just war?” Did he never hear of, oh, just for example, World War II? And as for Da’esh/ISIL/ISIS, does he not know that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of that band of barbarians, very specifically threatened Canada in a radio broadcast that was reported upon about 16 months ago? Or does Mr O’Leary just spout whatever rubbish comes into his “mind” because he thinks that any media exposure is a good thing?

He says he bases his idea on eight years he spent in Cyprus~ well bully for him. I base my idea ~ the idea that O’Leary is an irresponsible bloody dimwit, unfit to empty the latrines of Canadian fighting men much less to decide what they should and should not do, on years of service and decades of our history.

The-Loop_Kevin-OLeary-Taxes_960I’m sorry, but Kevin O’Leary is just a puffed up, not very bright, historically illiterate rich guy, the 21st century Canadian equivalent of Monty Python‘s famous “upper class twits.” In fact, let me rephrase that: Kevin O’Leary is a puffed up, blithering, damned fool who knows nothing about the country he expresses an interest in leading and who really belongs in the Liberal Party of Canada, along with e.g. Belinda Stronach and Eve Adams.

Kevin O’Leary has just disqualified himself from any consideration for leadership by any serious, thoughtful Conservative. He can be consigned to the rubbish tip of political history because he just “screwed the pooch.”



12 thoughts on “Kevin O’Leary screws the pooch

  1. Maybe, but I think he has really, Really, REALLY blotted his copybook … his “thoughts” about peacekeeping are just plain stupid, beyond explanation or redemption stupid, terminally f’ing stupid, to be blunt.

    1. Have to say it, but O’Leary really is the Canadian Donald Trump. He is expressing the same view as Trump, and one held by a lot of Canadians. It is an essentially isolationist view that says that we should have as little involvement as possible with all those trouble making foreigners and stick to our own knitting. They believe that foreign policy should be completely pragmatic and focus mainly on supporting Canadian business interests. I don’t agree with these views, but I do accept that many people do have them

      1. The reason I say he should be a Liberal is that, isolationism, is exactly the view that Pierre Trudeau and Ivan Head gave us in the 1970 White Paper, “A Foreign Policy for Canadians.” It was massive and wholly irresponsible repudiation of the grand strategy developed by Louis St Laurent and followed by John Diefenbaker and Lester Pearson ~ a grand strategy that also put our business interests and our economic interests at the top of the agenda. O’Leary, like Pierre Trudeau, is a narrow minded twit.

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