The jury is still out

Why, I have to ask myself, is General Jon Vance able and willing to make a cogent case for the mission refocus while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is only able to regurgitate campaign talking points?

Maybe, I answer, it’s because General Vance actually thinks about what our Canadian sailors, soldiers and air force people are doing and can be doing to combat Da’esh/ISIL and it willing to go on record with an analysis and risks and (possible) rewards, while Justin Trudeau is, in fact, just trying to “close” a bothersome file before his first hundred days are up. My guess is that we are seeing the experienced hand of Jean Chrétien steering this one …


… pointing the way to a successful (and early polls suggest it will be successful) political solution to a pesky political problem.

But the real question is: is this good policy? is it good strategy?

The jury is still out on that one, but bear in mind, please, that a grand strategy is about a lot more than just military actions … a grand strategy is about securing, protecting and promoting (advancing) our many and varied vital interests around the world. Foreign and defence policies, and military actions, are supporting tools that the strategist (the national leader) uses to get what Canada wants and needs.

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