According to a report on Arutz Sheval, an Israeli national news site, Israel is considering “cancelling acquisition of [the] flawed fighter-jet rejected by most NATO air forces … a welcome decision made back in 2008 to purchase U.S.-made Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) jets no longer appears very attractive in 2016 – and Israel is considering backtrackingContinue reading “Confused?”

Well done, Minister Sajjan

I have been harshly critical of The Honourable Harit Sajjan; not of him, personally, but rather of his (and  others’) choice to serve in a government that is, I believe, anathema to many of the things in which he claims to have believed. But, now,according to a report by Murray Brewster in the Ottawa Citizen, weContinue reading “Well done, Minister Sajjan”

Small, but difficult, first steps ~ but only for the bravest of the brave

I have asserted (albeit in another context) that the Canadian Armed Forces have “too many officers, especially senior ones, for a force our size.” Nowhere is this more of an issue than in our Army reserve force units. Now, unless things have changed (and I don’t believe they have) most reserve force “major” units areContinue reading “Small, but difficult, first steps ~ but only for the bravest of the brave”


Way back when I started talking about Conservative politics I singled out the Globe and Mail’s Jeffrey Simpson as one of those who offers superficially sympathetic advice but, really, advice that is worth ignoring, because, in reality, it is designed to send us down a political rat hole and, thus, give aid and comfort to the Liberals.Continue reading “Models”

Potential Conservative Leaders

I guess the media, the Manning Centre and potential Conservative leaders are all trying to ride on one another’s coat tails this weekend. I came across three interesting stories this morning: Kevin O’Leary vows to ‘tear that budget to pieces,’ says CTV News; MacKay: On pipelines, Conservatives should be ‘thoughtful’ ‘dispassionate’ champions, according to DavidContinue reading “Potential Conservative Leaders”

Reaching out to first nations

Late last year Tony Clement wrote an article in the Globe and Mail, upon which I commented, here, and in that article he asked four questions: Can Conservatives have a distinctively conservative policy on poverty elimination? What is the Conservative vision regarding the relationship with indigenous peoples? How about an environmental policy that is consistentContinue reading “Reaching out to first nations”

Why we need a white paper

Thanks to The Regimental Rogue for this most timely post. Good, reasoned and responsible defence policies (the “economical preparation”) save both money and lives. We had only weak, parsimonious policies in 1914 and in 1939, we either relied on others, as we do now, or thought that we just couldn’t afford to be prepared. The costContinue reading “Why we need a white paper”

Australian Defence White Paper

So, Australia has published a White Paper on Defence. It is available for download on the Australian Government/Department of Defence web page. “Australia will embark on a decade-long surge in weaponry and military forces to defend its land, sea, skies and space from Asia’s rapidly growing military forces,” says ABC News, [and] … “the 2016Continue reading “Australian Defence White Paper”

Relationships matter

There is an article, by Murray Brewster of the Canadian Press, in the Toronto Star about retired Major General David Fraser’s views on what we did right and wrong in Afghanistan. Fraser’s comments have been followed up in other newspapers and on CTV News. I have no comments on the substance of David Fraser’s remarks,Continue reading “Relationships matter”