Our Next Governor General

Canada has been, relatively, blessed with mostly good and very occasionally, even great governors general: British and, since Vincent Massey, Canadian. Our current GG, David Johnston is an estimable man ~ we are lucky to have him. I think that back around the 1980s and ’90s many Canadians began to feel that the office wasContinue reading “Our Next Governor General”

Expeditionary Forces

Thus far, in two posts: Establishing Some Baselines and Defence of Canada I have developed four “baseline” roles or tasks for the Canadian Department of National Defence: To maintain active military forces to share in the continental defence of the North American homelands, of the maritime approaches to them and of the airspace over both.Continue reading “Expeditionary Forces”

Conservative Leadership News

Global News‘ Vassey Kapelos tweets that: This is good news, in my opinion. It allows all potential candidates adequate time build support and it may be enough time for some to catch up with the early “front runners:” I am a party member ~ a member of the Leaders Circle, in fact, and I intendContinue reading “Conservative Leadership News”

Defence of Canada

Yesterday I began to try to develop some sensible baseline roles for the Canadian Armed Forces. Looking at out geo-political situation I focused, not unreasonably, I think, on continental defence, and I developed three roles: To maintain active military forces to share in the continental defence of the North American homelands, of the maritime approachesContinue reading “Defence of Canada”

Left Out

A month ago I said that “half measures” in the fight against Da’esh were not going to work. A report in this morning’s Globe and Mail suggests I am right … “Canada has been excluded from a high-level meeting of “significant contributors” to the U.S.-led coalition called to discuss stepping up the fight to defeatContinue reading “Left Out”

Conservative Politics

Two political items caught my eyes, today: First, David Akin, in his blog … … which we should all have bookmarked, says that IF he decides to run the financier and media personality Kevin O’Leary will be a formidable candidate. Mr Akin includes a poll from Mainstreet Research: The Conservative Party will be holding aContinue reading “Conservative Politics”

Establishing Some Baselines

I expressed, a view days ago, some thoughts on democracy. I think we put too much emphasis on the visible trappings ~ free and fair elections, etc ~ and not enough on the foundations ~ institutions, like respect for the rule of law ~ when we try to “spread” democracy around the world. In factContinue reading “Establishing Some Baselines”

Some Further Thoughts on a Framework for Strategic Discussions

In looking for a national foreign policy, back in 1947, Louis St Laurent said (in the Grey Lecture): “A policy of world affairs, to be truly effective, must have its foundations laid upon general principles which have been tested in the life of the nation and which have secured the broad support of large groupsContinue reading “Some Further Thoughts on a Framework for Strategic Discussions”

Moral Clarity

I took this off Dean Shoreyko’s Twitter feed: (You can find Dean’s blog at: BC Blue; it’s well worth a read.) The quote comes from this column by J.J. McCullough on the Loonie Politcs page, to which he is a regular contributor. (It’s also worth a read.) I agree with the premise that we needContinue reading “Moral Clarity”