Home truths from abroad

I hope I can be forgiven the play on words, at Robert Browning’s expense, in the title, but a young officer in Singapore, Major Choy Yong Cong, who recently graduated with top honours as a Distinguished Graduate at the US Marine Corps Command and Staff College, gave a thoughtful and insightful talk to prospective soldiersContinue reading “Home truths from abroad”

The value of values

This blog post, by Nick Vandergragt, on Kevin Harris’ Canadian Common Sense page,  which I highlighted yesterday, speaks to our core values as Conservatives. It is also related another article about which I commented a couple of days ago, in which longtime Liberal insider Bruce Anderson said, about us: “Conservatives don’t lack compassion. We believeContinue reading “The value of values”

Unprincipled Foreign Policy

A report in the Globe and Mail gives us all fair warning that the Trudeau Liberals plan to operate an unprincipled foreign policy … especially in the volatile Middle East. The report says that, “It is in this highly volatile region that the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must chart some of its mostContinue reading “Unprincipled Foreign Policy”

How much is enough?

Over the past several weeks I have rattled on quite a bit about defence, beginning with: The Defence of the Realm, and then talking about some basics and a bit of history, and then about grand strategy and even a grand strategy for Canada. Then I established a few baselines for (mostly) continental defence, and thenContinue reading “How much is enough?”

Stephen Harper’s Legacy

The Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein tweets that a column, in the National Post, by Ken Boessenkool and Sean Speer, who were advisors to the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is “Harper advisers pretending a loss was a win.”  Now, I would not be surprised if some Conservatives, looking at the economy, do think we “won” in October 2015Continue reading “Stephen Harper’s Legacy”

My Kind of Conservatism

Margaret Wente, writing in the Globe and Mail, got off a zinger or two about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Davos. “All the people at Davos,” she opined, “are the smartest people in the room. Like Mr. Trudeau, they are forward-looking and postnational. They believe that nationalist sentiment is a defect of the bitter clingers,Continue reading “My Kind of Conservatism”

A Role of Pride and Influence in the World

A few days ago I commented on the fact ~ or, at least the appearance ~ that Canada is being “Left Out” of the discussions about combatting Da’esh/ISIS. It has been suggested that the really important meeting was not the one to which we were not invited, but, rather, the one coming up, on 11Continue reading “A Role of Pride and Influence in the World”

What ‘Support The Troops’ Really Means

I have, to my own (partial) satisfaction, at least, defined five roles for the Canadian Forces: To maintain active military forces to share in the continental defence of the North American homelands, of the maritime approaches to them and of the airspace over both. To maintain a global, blue water fleet, supported by air forces,Continue reading “What ‘Support The Troops’ Really Means”