Grand Strategy: Some History


Perhaps the grandest of grand strategies, ever, were those of both sides in the Second World War.

The essay which is attached ~ File 26106 ~ is one written, in 1947 (the same year as Louis St Laurent’s Grey lecture) for Foreign Affairs, by the late, John J McCloy, 220px-John_J._McCloy_-_Project_Gutenberg_etext_20587who, despite being a staunch Republican, was an Assistant Secretary of Defence to Henry Stimson in Franklin Roosevelt’s administration, where he had, initially, only civilian responsibilities, related to especially the purchase of war materials for the Army, Lend Lease, the draft, and issues of intelligence and sabotage, but later, as the war progressed Secretary Stimson turned to him, more and more often, as a crucial voice in setting U.S. military priorities. McCloy was, in other words, right in the middle of things, of the US and allied grand strategy and so his perspective ~ and this essay was written when things were fresh in his mind ~ is very useful.

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