Be Prepared!

There’s a good article in the latest MacLean’s by  that says we (The Conservatives) are, deservedly in the author’s opinion, given the 2015 campaign, down but, definitely not out.

I agree.

He begins with a litany of failed governments: Mulroney’s, Chrétien’s, then Harper’s ~ each brought down by the very flaws, in its predecessor, that it promised to fix: patronage, corruption and, with prime Minister Harper’ government, openness and accountability.

He predicts that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will fall victim to the very promises he made, too … and he suggests he may do it (stumble and fall) before the 2019 election, too.

Once again, I agree.

The message for us Conservatives, then, is: be prepared.

Although Mr Patriquin thinks that Prime Minister Trudeau might get two terms, I am confident that the Liberals can and will return sooner rather than later to their old, entitled, even corrupt ways and that we can show Canadian that they didn’t get “sunny ways” and “change,” they, got, instead …

Modern Librano$

… the new Librano$, with all the bad habits that we got to know and detest when Jean Chrétien held the reins.

Martin Patriquin notes that the Conservatives in Parliament are being suitably humble, having lost the election, but he says:

“In truth, the Conservatives needn’t be so humble. Despite a rudderless 2015 campaign and 10 mostly mean-spirited years as precedent, the party received nearly 32 per cent of the vote. This is just nine points short of the Liberals, and double the NDP score. According to Elections Canada data, the Conservatives raised nearly 24 million in the first three quarters of 2015 alone—about eight million more than the Liberals. Finally, Stephen Harper may be gone but his party’s institutional enmity for all things Liberal remains. Ugly as it may be, this enmity can be hugely motivational when properly packaged. To her great credit, Ambrose seems to understand this.”

That’s it … the base ~ people, by and large, who cannot tolerate the Liberals ~ remains large, strong and loyal.

Justin Trudeau managed to strip away part of the alliance that Stephen Harper created but it can be won back … all those suburbanites are willing to vote Conservative if we demonstrate that we share their values.

What have just under four years to …


… for a general election in 2019 in which the Librano$ will be vulnerable. But that’s time enough. We have a good, solid, quite large base ~ Prime Minister Trudeau’s campaign only stripped away part of it, and most of that we “lost,” through a badly focused campaign, rather than he “won,” by offering better policies. We have a first rate team on Parliament Hill under ambrose_0a really good interim leader. We are ready to launch a leadership campaign which will, we must hope, capture enough of the right kind of attention to remind Canadians of why they want to vote for us: honesty, integrity, principles, sound economic plans, values that make sense to Canadians in rural areas and small towns all across Canada from Tofino through Tuktoyaktuk and Tilsonburg to Twillingate, in the smaller cities and, especially, in the vote rich suburbs around Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Winnipeg, the Golden Horseshoe, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax and, indeed, in the urban centres, too. We have a good field of possible leadership candidates ~ some veterans of Prime Minister Harper’s government, some outsiders, some moderates, some radicals, some who offer something for everyone. I am confident that we, Conservatives, can pick one who appeal, broadly, to the 40% of Canadians whose votes we need.


Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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