Just a Note About The Banner Picture

The new banner picture is HMS Nabob, a World War II light, escort carrier.


Why a UK ship on a Canadian blog page?

gallbritnabob05Because Nabob was crewed, from the captain on down, by Canadians. Her captain was, in fact, Capt(N) (later RAdm) Horatio Nelson (Harry) Lay, RCN, one of the toughest, most austere, “fightingest” warriors in Canada’s history.

Nanob was attacked and crippled while at sea but Capt Lay did not abandon ship, he did not call for a tug to tow her home, he got steam up again and limped home ~ Nabob was too badly damaged to even attempt repairs, but she sailed to the end.

Harry Lay was one of Canada’s great and forgotten warriors … the greatest, by far, in all of Canadian military history, was someone about whom I’ll wager most Canada have never heard …




Any guesses?

Hint: the only Canadian to ever hold a principle combined (over all allied forces) command in a major war

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