Stop blaming the media and the voters!

Pretty much every day since the October election my Twitter feed has been full of 140 character rants about either or both of the “evil Canadian media” or the “stupid Canadian voters.”

Conservatives who hold either view or worse, both, are the real problem.

The media, broadly, is not full of Liberal shills … sure, there are some traditional bastions of Liberal support, including the Toronto Star with its well known and well-publicized Atkinson Principles, but, by and large, much of the print media is neutral to, maybe, just, pro-Conservative.

TV is, understandably, fascinated by Justin Trudeau and his lovely young family … they are “made for TV,” in fact, some cynics might suggest that’s why the Liberals picked him to lead them, it cannot have been for brains, after all. But there are still quite a few real journalists in TV news and, sooner rather than later, I suspect, failed and broken Liberal promises and the (inevitable, in my opinion) return of Liberal corruption will cause the TV news reporters to look more favourably on the Conservatives.

We need to explain, clearly, calmly and truthfully why the Liberals are doing the wrong things, when they do the wrong things. And we need to explain, equally calmly and truthfully how we can, Conservatives, can and will do things better.

Social media is another area, one which our own Tony Clement warned us we must learn to use in better, more effective ways.

Telling Canadians that they are stupid for voting Liberal is not, in my considered opinion, a smart way to use social media.

The simple fact is that the Liberals ran a campaign that convinced nearly 40% of Canadians to vote for them … that’s the 20% who almost always vote Liberal, no matter who is running, plus 20% more who, otherwise would have voted Conservative and NDP. Those people didn’t vote for Justin Trudeau’s team because they were stupid ~ let’s stop calling them that, please. They voted for “Team Trudeau” because it ran a better campaign; it made promises that were more appealing than the ones we made; it didn’t insult ethnic communities and it didn’t associate with the Ford Brothers. It was our campaign that drove about ⅓ of the Canadians who voted Conservative in 2011 into the LPC camp in 2015 ~ we need to bring them back into our “big tent,” our respectful tent, our moderate tent in 2019.

So let’s put the blame where it belongs, on our policies and our platform and our campaign. Stop blaming the media and, above all, please stop blaming Canadians.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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