What the PM is (and is not) doing

I do not believe that there is, as e.g. Ezra Levant suggests a “media party.” I think the Toronto Sun is far different in tone and approach than the Toronto Star and the National Post differs, substantially enough, from the Globe and Mail; I think that both The Rebel and it’s opposite number, Rabble, are part of the “media,” too and they are different enough.

What there is, however, is a Laurentian Consensus as described by Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson in their book The Big Shift. The Laurentian Consensus is is the “property” of the Laurentian Elites: generally young, well educated, upper middle class academics, journalists and “opinion makers” and the like who live, mostly, in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Columnists like Jeffrey Simpson are their public face and voice.

The Laurentian Elites have an agenda. Put most simply, too simply: they want big, activist, Liberal and European style government in Canada. They are, broadly, anti-American, even when Barack Obama is president, and anti-capitalist. They are often described as “limousine liberals” and “silk stocking socialists,” because they come from relatively privileged backgrounds and their trust funds and higher than average salaries can shield them from the economic ravages of a failing economy.

In my opinion Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a puppet whose strings are being pulled entirely and exclusively by the Laurentian Elites. I suspect he actually knows that but, as I have mentioned in e.g. Army.ca, I fear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lacks what the Brits call “bottom” and I suspect that he is controlled by the wrong people (Kathleen Wynne and the Laurentian Elites) because he doesn’t, really, have a “mind of his own.”

The Laurentian Consensus is not unpopular, but it has, I think, done more harm than good to Canada since it emerged from the Liberal Party’s infamous 1960 Kingston Conference which, essentially, repudiated the fiscally sound, socially moderate and engaged (in foreign policy) policies of Louis St Laurent, arguably Canada’s best prime minister in the 20th century, and tried to outflank the emerging (founded in 1961) New Democratic Party. Mike Pearson accepted the policy proposals of the Kingston Conference and, by so doing, paved the way for Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau and for the decline of Canada.

Everything from tax policies through refugees and pulling our combat aircraft from Iraq through to aboriginals and climate change are part of the Laurentian Consensus. ALL are ill-considered through weak to downright bad policy. But, Justin Trudeau is the natural “child” of the Kingston idea and of the era to which his father tried (and failed) to give it expression in policy ~ socialists, like Pierre Trudeau, never understand the limits of democratic government. We ought not be surprised that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to implement policies that will, ultimately, fail badly … misguided policies pushed by the Laurentian Elites. But we, Conservatives, need to push back … hard.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could be his own man, he’s not a fool, he could even be a new St Laurent … we Conservatives would support those kinds of policies. But he has decided to take the easy path, to follow the Laurentian Consensus and both he and the Liberal Party will, sooner rather than later, pay the price for policy failure.

Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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