Stop blaming the media and the voters!

Pretty much every day since the October election my Twitter feed has been full of 140 character rants about either or both of the "evil Canadian media" or the "stupid Canadian voters." Conservatives who hold either view or worse, both, are the real problem. The media, broadly, is not full of Liberal shills ... sure, … Continue reading Stop blaming the media and the voters!

The “old left” rises again

There is a very interesting article by Stephanie Mudge on the London School of Economics website suggesting that there is "a deepening rift in the economic prospects of older vs younger generations" in America and Britain (and Canada) which explains the sudden popularity of e.g. Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders and, I daresay, Justin Trudeau. Prof … Continue reading The “old left” rises again

Righting the Conservative Ship

Tony Clement has written an excellent opinion piece for the Globe and Mail, entitled "How to right the Conservative ship," in which he analyzes the October 2015 election. His main "take away" points are: The Conservative Party must continue to stand for low taxes for Canadians and a balanced budget in fiscal matters; and Our … Continue reading Righting the Conservative Ship

You can’t manage what you can’t measure …

There's an old saying, often and incorrectly attributed to W Edwards Deming, that "you can't manage what you can't measure." Like all popular sayings there is enough truth in it to make it a useful concept. One way of measuring a nation's "will" or "commitment" to something is to measure what it spends as a … Continue reading You can’t manage what you can’t measure …