The Blame Game

Everyone and his brother is coming out of the woodwork to lay blame for the Liberal victory/Conservative loss in the recent election. It was Stephen Harper’s fault or it was Jennie Byrne’s fault, or, or, or …

I think it’s a bit simpler than that.

I think Canadians have, almost unconsciously, accepted the American notions of fixed elections and four-year terms and I think most Canadians are uncomfortable, now, with a government staying in office for longer than two of those four years terms.

It really doesn’t matter what plans Prime Minister-designate Trudeau may have in his mind, or what promises he will not keep … we, a substantial minority of us, anyway, were tired of Prime Minister Harper, his nine years were up, it was time for a change, and we (you) chose Justin Trudeau over the (grown-up) Thomas Mulcair.


Published by Ted Campbell

Old, retired Canadian soldier, Conservative ~ socially moderate, but a fiscal hawk. A husband, father and grandfather. Published material is posted under the "Fair Dealing" provisions (§29) of the Copyright Act for the purposes of research, private study and education.

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