The Blame Game

Everyone and his brother is coming out of the woodwork to lay blame for the Liberal victory/Conservative loss in the recent election. It was Stephen Harper’s fault or it was Jennie Byrne’s fault, or, or, or … I think it’s a bit simpler than that. I think Canadians have, almost unconsciously, accepted the American notions…… Continue reading The Blame Game

The big THREAT to Canada

Brian Gable, drawing in the Globe and Mail, gets it right: Until Canada gets some adult leadership at the national level and in the capitals of our two most important provinces we are screwed … and we’re looking at 2018/19 before we can change three weak, fiscally foolish, majority governments and replace them with good,…… Continue reading The big THREAT to Canada

Advice worth ignoring

The sort of “advice” which Conservatives need to ignore, in total, is the sort offered, in this column, which is reproduced under the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act from the Globe and Mail, by Jeffrey Simpson, unofficial spokesman for the Laurentian Elites: Quote For Tories, a long list of difficult questions SUBSCRIBERS…… Continue reading Advice worth ignoring


There is a lot more to “peacekeeping” than lightly armed troops in baby-blue berets handing out food to children in dirty, disease-ridden corners of the world. Keeping the peace starts with ensuring that global commerce can flow ~ free trade and prosperity do more to prevent wars than all the diplomats and presidents combined ever…… Continue reading Peacekeeping


As I said a couple of days ago on, the First Rule to remember is that we, the CPC, are not Liberals … so the advice we/the CPC do not want to follow is that which flows from e.g. the Laurentian Elites and the big city chattering classes. There are real, identifiable Canadian Conservative values…… Continue reading Conservatives

Potential Conservative Leaders

The obvious candidates, from amongst sitting MPs, are:    Rona Ambrose,  Jason Kenney, Kellie Leitch, Erin O’Toole, Lisa Raitt and Michel Rempel ~ all minister in the last government. Two recently retired ministers might, also, be drafted back into the contest: Peter MacKay and John Baird. I think Maxime Bernier will be in the race, but…… Continue reading Potential Conservative Leaders

A Conservative Mind

I’m an old, retired soldier with an interest in politics. I self describe as a classical, 19th century liberal ~ which means, in 21st century Canada, that I’m a Conservative. I believe in four fundamental rights for each and every individual: Life, Liberty and Property, as described by John Locke in 17th century England, and…… Continue reading A Conservative Mind

My take on the CPC

I was a Stephen Harper fan, of sorts, but: I thought Prime Minister Harper was far too cautious on the small government, First Nations and corporate welfare fronts; I opposed many (not all) of his “boutique tax cuts,” but I thought (still think) his cuts to the HST/GST was good public policy      as…… Continue reading My take on the CPC