An Election? Why?

I see, in the Globe and Mail, that Marieke Walsh and Paul Waldie report that "The Liberals are threatening opposition parties with an election if the Conservatives move ahead Tuesday with their attempt to create a special “anti-corruption” committee in the House of Commons." Well, Erin O'Toole and the Conservatives did that very thing today, … Continue reading An Election? Why?

The Trump Effect (5)

Mark MacKinnon, the Globe and Mail's senior international corespondent, says, in a recent article in that newspaper, that "No matter what happens on U.S. election day, no one will ever say that Donald Trump did not leave his mark on the world during his time as President of the United States." I had hoped that … Continue reading The Trump Effect (5)

When Liberal propaganda backfires

Liberal MP (Kingston and the Islands) Mark Gerretsen told his social media followers that the federal (Trudeau) government has provided 97% of all COVID-19 "relief" money spent in Ontario. Depending on how you define relief ~ and I'm guessing that he used payments to individuals, CERB, EI and the like ~ then that's probably true: … Continue reading When Liberal propaganda backfires

I have a dream …

I mentioned, a couple of months ago, my hopes, for the Conservative Party under Erin O'Toole's leadership. Now, borrowing a famous phrase from a great man: I have a dream ... I have a dream that one day, soon, this nation will come to its senses and that the people in the suburbs around Halifax, … Continue reading I have a dream …

The inescapable conclusion

Rob Breakenridge, a well known journalist with the Global network of radio and TV stations and with newspapers in the Postmedia Network, says, in a recent opinion piece for GlobalNews, that "In trying to make sense of the prime minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament back in August, derailing the committee investigations into the WE Charity scandal always … Continue reading The inescapable conclusion


The Economist said, a couple of days ago, that while the race for the White House is a little bit closer than it looks, Vice President Biden still looks heavily favoured to win, and to win convincingly, on election day: Former Bush (43) speechwriter David Frum suggests, in an article in The Atlantic, that we … Continue reading Trumped?

Canada deserves better than the Trudeaus, père et fils

"What exactly has happened to Justin Trudeau?" Charlie Mitchell ask in an article in The Independent. "In 2015, after a decade of steely Conservative rule, the scion of the powerful Trudeau family offered Canadians “sunny ways” and was rewarded with a handsome majority. Feminist, climate-conscious and outwardly pro-refugee, the 43-year-old was a hit among progressives worldwide ... [but, today, just … Continue reading Canada deserves better than the Trudeaus, père et fils